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Century National Insurance was founded in 1952, but it was the best kept secret in the business — until we came along. They did no advertising and had no website, but their customers loved them because they genuinely cared and were affordable. For example, after the devastating 1994 Northridge earthquake all other companies offering earthquake insurance pulled out of California, except Century National. They covered homes for 200% of their value.  We positioned them as “Security at its Best,”created consumer and trade advertising to get the word out, and an online brand presence where they could sell policies and tell their story for the first time.

Unlike other insurance companies, Century National had no independent agents. We helped them develop a program that expanded their sales force by creating incentives for independents, then letting prospective agents know with edgy trade campaigns that gave the company a unique voice in the industry. The result: a sales force that grew to 41 states contributing to their legendary profitability.

We developed in depth marketing programs for a company that was a dedicated sales organization. They built their business on handshakes,  had senior managment strictly old school and had no marketing plans other than instinct.  After our collaboration, they had a marketing tactics manual for the business that covered everything from positioning to identity to creative. Plus we developed a promotional program for their in-house and independant agents to use.

We developed a clean, fast and fully functional insurance estimating and sales website for Century National from the ground up. Working closely with their IT team, we integrated it with all the actuarial datbases and pioneered a consumer facing estimating system that nurtured the prospect through the sale step by step. The result was a very high percentage of conversions. For those who dropped out of the sales funnel, we captured their identity and followed up with dynamic tailored emails and personal contact from sales agents.