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Pentel has been producing some of the world’s favorite writing instruments since 1946. Their SIgn Pen has been used by astronauts, and the Ball 150 is arguably most used pen in the world. Their latest product was the environmentally friendly, archival ink pen named the Hyper-G: people safe, check safe, earth safe. Made from recycled materials and biodegradeable. When we were given the assignment it was nice technology, but just another pen for managers to get on big box shelves. We wrote a new chapted for pen promotion and positioned the pen line by repositioning Pentel: “Sustainable Technololgy for Over 50 Years.” It made an old company modern. The result: we got buyers attention and filled the shelves with Pentel.

While the consumer campaign focused on popular concerns over the environment, the trade campaign focused on practical applicaion. The archival gel ink was impervious to check fraud, where competitors’ ink could be eradicated to forge an existing check, and permanent for valuable signatures. We developed trade ads, point of sale, product packaging and displays and an innovative sales kit sent directly to chain store buyers. We made a lasting impression with Pentel’s customers.

The last time a point of sale display for ink pens spoke to consumers was…well, never. We literally wrote the book with Pentel’s new Hper-G. When a consumer was in the pen isle of Staples looking hurriedly for some replacement pens, we were there guiding them with the logical choice. Why just a regular pen when you can have an archival pen that is environmentally friendly for the same or a lower price? The choice was clear.