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The team behind Swing Control have been manufacturing women’s clothing for 43 years. But when we took over there were fierce brand wars because the popular style had spawned look-alike competitors causing a loss in sales. We positioned them as “The Original Swing Control” and gave them their first online brand presence that reinforced the premium stance. The result: their sales took off plus they were able to charge a premium because they were the original. We helped them salvage their market position and become more profitable. Preview the website with the password “guest.”

The Swing Control, mobile-friendly storefront was custom built on the most widely used platform on the internet. This gave it the stability and support to last. Plus, it was easily backed up and kept on local storage instead of being locked into a proprietary system from which you could not move. The site was fully integrated into their ERP system so that styles and quantities in stock, shipping and tracking information along with all accounting data were shared across platforms to make management easier. This fully integrated ecommerce application provides everything a customer needs to easily find and make a purchase, and has an intuitive back-end dashboard for the client to manage inventory and track detailed analytics 24/7.

What people loved about Swing Control clothing was that it was comfortable, enhanced a woman’s form and yet was stylish enough to wear everyday. Their pants were featured on talk shows and endorsed by celebrities who loved the fit. From our market research, we found the perfect mix of comfort, sport and style to portray this popular line. Plus, we had professional women’s golfers who swore by them. Swing Control reclaimed their position as “The Original” and quit losing sales to imposters.

We developed and fully managed an ecommerce system for Swing Control that produced rising sales while also supporting their retail and distribution network partners. The backend dashsboard gave the client, when thay wanted to,  the ability to easily manage inventory, add and subtrack products and categories plus update pricing, availability and other details. Through expert SEO development and maintenance we were able to increase traffic and sales conversions on a continually rising basis. Online analytics for all aspects of the ecommerce business were easily accessible for the client and we provided incremental reports on all website acdtivity, sales figures, shipping, inventory, taxes and income plus a complete overview of which products were popular and sold best. We helped management make sales and with advanced market intelligence.

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