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We positioned 70 year old Watt Communities in a crowded market with “Home is in the details.” Unlike the competition who were all similar, it gave prospects a reason to purchase a Watt home because it is a “Watt home.” Then we followed up with digital advertising more effective than Google and Zillow in producing high traffic and conversion rates. The result: we helped sell over 500 homes in one year. Preview the website with thepassword “guest.”

Ray Watt entered the real estate business in 1947 with a small crew and a battered pickup truck to build homes for veterans returning from the war. We brought the company into the digital age with a state-of-the-art web application showing how the close attention to detail in developing a home mirrors the details that home owners love about their own vision of home. This fully integrated real estate application provides everything a prospect needs to easily find his new home, and has an intuitive back-end dashboard for the client to manage inventory and track analytics.

Our research showed that individual community branding did not affect home sales. So, we developed a collateral and point-of-sale system that uniquely branded each property as a Watt commumity while still maintaining the target demographics and singular look and feel for each. This was enhanced by our corporate positioning and drove traffic both online and on site to Watt homes and eliminated the difficulty competitors had managing many different brands with limited resources.

We developed and fully managed a marketing automation system for Watt Comunities that supported their sales force. It drove qualified leads, helped convert sales, and optimized spend. The system tracked customers even before they knew their name, connected the dots and told management where they’ve been. We built powerful automation rules to send dynamic content and targeted emails based on interests. Some of the features included a user-friendly CRM and sales automation that integrated with the preexisting infrastructure, 24/7 lead notification sent directly to the correct sales manager, detailed analytics and reporting, all social channels managed from one dashsboard and more. We outperformed Zillow and Google combined and the sales managers we trained on this system were the highest producers by far.