To benefit from the attention economy, you first have to understand it.

To sustain sales, lead generation and brand identity, creating quality content in all forms is required. If marketers don’t constantly refresh available content, they run the risk of capturing an audience but not having anything relevant to say to them. That’s where we come in.

It has become a requirement to create content in all forms to sustain reputation, lead generation and findability.

The new reality is having endless media options vying for people’s attention.

There is no lack of attention span in your target audience. If anything, they are paying more attention than ever before. What has changed is their zero tolerance for wasting time. Attention is available, but the bar has been raised. If you really want someone’s attention, you have to earn it.

How can marketers be relevant? By creating content that adds value to someone’s viewing experience rather than subtracting from it. That starts by understanding why your audience turns to particular platforms for content in the first place. You can increase attention among your viewers by making your content on each platform as relevant to each viewer as possible.

People still pay attention, but with more content out there than ever before, the quality bar has been raised. Once you have captured their attention, hold onto it by making your brand relevant: to each platform, each person and each context.

At BLAIRCOMM, it is our job to help clients benefit from this new attention economy by creating valuable, relevant content. Contact us now to find out what what we can do for you.

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